Nestled between the Vesuvian and Apennine foothills of Southern Italy, lays the town of Nola, a small municipality of Naples, and the headquarters of four generation, family run mill Imparato. For the last century, the Imparato family has been designing its coveted line of fabrics, blending passion, competence and tradition. The line is quintessentially Neapolitan, evoking images of bright coastal communes and breezy beach-side afternoons.

Neapolitan style is characterized by its preference for soft tailoring, expressive color and an Italian approach to living. Free of structure and full of expressiveness, Neapolitan jackets lay naturally on the body. Fabrics tend to be lighter in weight, given the warmer climate in southern Italy.

Every six months, the designers at Ariston develop a set of bunches characteristically representative of this approach to tailoring and relaxed living, and this season in their 100th year is no exception. Bringing with it an air of sophistication and a new approach to classic styling, the Spring Summer 2020 collection is sure to impress. The following is a summary of their new books.


This Ariston book is characterized by its strong presence of silk combined with wool and linen.

Silk has always been a symbol of status, wealth, and power. It is one of the softest, lightest and most breathable materials available. Silk garments are uniquely cool in warm weather, yet provide insulation in the cold. Each triangular fiber refracts light to produce a natural shimmer, unmatched by man-made fibers. A jacket made with these fabrics creates a fresh and striking summer look.

silk road
Artiston fabrics 1


Ariston has developed a rich and colorful jacketing collection using worsted wool combined with a range of different fibers.

The essential feature of worsted yarns are the straight, parallel fibers that make the resulting fabric very resilient. The wool, silk, and linen blends offer a more relaxed appearance and have a luxurious handle. Both linen and silk are extremely durable, hold their shape well and provide a garment with depth and inherent natural beauty. The result is a fantastically soft, brilliant and modern range of unique jackets.


Throughout history linen has always been a favorite cloth for the summer season. Its cool touch and relaxed look embodies the summer mood.

Ariston has created a unique blend of yarns that embraces the special properties of linen, while reducing its natural tendency to wrinkle. Enjoy a drink in Santorini or Ibiza with one of these jackets — you’ll look sharp and comfortable with that Negroni in your hand.


A well-cut blazer is a timeless classic that instantly transforms any look from casual to smart. The extensive color palette in this blazer collection offers a wide range of choices from classic blues to pastels and stronger tones.

A bespoke sport-jacket is the most versatile garment of any wardrobe, as it can be worn with dress slacks, chinos, and jeans.


This luxury bunch consists of two qualities: super 150’s wool & silk and double-twisted Merino wool.

The very fine wool used to make this fabric is printed using proprietary technology, lending an unusual dimensionality. The most classic designs become young and fresh. This sturdy fabric will retain its shape, maintain good crease resistant, and ensure enjoyment year-round.

4 season
Ariston Contemporary


This bunch is based on a superfine, 17 micron Merino wool produced in a twill weave, with an emphasis on mouliné.  Mouliné is produced by twisting two yarns of different colors together, with the intention to produce a deeper range of color for a solid cloth. This comprehensive collection contains modern designs ranging from understated to truly flamboyant, all equally representing Ariston’s emphasis on detail. It’s ideal for the gentleman in search of new, unexpected looks.


A new concept for Ariston and available for only one year, this collection reimagines classic fabrics with new patterns, color combinations, and weaves. Each cloth is composed of highly twisted wool yarns, which provide resiliency and a more open weave, perfect for summer suiting or contemporary jackets.

Ariston classic revolution
Ariston 130s

130’s SUMMER

This collection features plain, light fabrics with a strong summer feel. A portion of the collection combines the wonder of fine merino wool with the natural freshness of linen. The second half is pure wool, woven to be resilient and breathable, giving it the ability to dissipate heat faster than a traditional weave.


Best for unstructured clothing, this bunch features cloth with natural stretch for comfort and style. Embrace the essence of summer with a relaxed way of dressing during the warmer months.



As casual looks have become more and more important in our clients wardrobes, Ariston has presented a capsule of articles with colorful designs and special blends, such polyamide and cotton blended with wool. The result is a unique interpretation of Italian style that is effortlessly relaxed and casual.


This collection is a triumph of cottons, linens, seersuckers, and jersey knits with a wild range of colors, allowing for deep personalization of one’s wardrobe. It’s a pleasure for the eyes, contradicting the notion that men’s tailoring is boring. Many of the fabrics also feature both natural and blended stretch for comfort and ease of motion.

Ariston Sport