The world’s most advanced undershirt. Made in Germany from CoolMax cotton. This innovative fabric wicks moisture away from the skin. Sweat absorbing underarm shields eliminate excessive perspiration.


  • Coolmax Fibers: Absorb moisture very quickly from the skin.
  • Deep V-Neck: Stays invisible even with two shirt buttons open.
  • Long Cut: On the back, so that the shirt remains in the pants even when moving.
  • No Sweat Marks: Thanks to innovative inserts under the armpits and in the neck area.
  • Hydropholic: The inner layer, lying directly on the skin, is made of material with hydrophilic properties. It absorbs moisture very quickly and releases it to the second layer.
  • Hydrophobic: The outer layer is made of hydrophobic material and thus blocks the moisture transfer to the shirt. The moisture stays between the two layers and can dry there.
  • Anti-Odor: Through inserts with silver ions directly in the yarn, which do not wash out.
  • Invisible: No shirt edges under the shirt, tattoos are hidden.