Sometimes, you don’t even realize how much you need something until you see it. That’s how we felt when we learned about Ariston’s Project Piuma – the first sartorial fabric that combines high quality Italian cloths with certified goose down. In fact, we liked it so much that we created an entirely new style for it: introducing the Bespoke Field Jacket.

The Fabric

This cloth is really something special. It brings together the the luxurious hand of fine Italian fabric with the incomparable insulation of goose down. The result is a thin, lightweight, extremely warm and water resistant cloth perfect for outerwear.

The Design

We believe the benefits of true bespoke tailoring shouldn’t be limited to pinstripe suits and tuxedos – after all, we make bespoke swim shorts. When it comes to outerwear, we’ve taken the same approach having introduced more casual styles like bespoke trucker jackets and pea coats. (Both of which would also look great in this cloth.) In keeping with that, we wanted a jacket that was practical, would look great with jeans, and be different than the Barbour jackets your neighbors wear. Nothing against Barbour jackets – it’s just that everyone has one. (Notice we said neighbors plural).

Our bespoke Field Jacket has everything you would want in a go-to casual coat. Beyond the benefits of the material, it features a two-way RiRi zipper which enables you to unzip from the top or bottom. (Looking for your keys in a winter storm? This makes it just as simple to check your interior breast pockets as it does your pants.) Branded snaps provide for secure yet easy access to four exterior pleated pockets that will expand to fit your contents. Its sturdy racer collar stands up to frame your face and a half-belted back secures the rear, both ensuring you’ll look great whether you’re coming or going.

Fabric Options

Ariston’s Project Piuma features a thoughtfully curated range of designs including compact twills, herringbones, and woolen . All of which work well.