If any alterations are needed, we generally perform them in-house in about a week or two.

For all made-to-measure orders, we offer one round of complimentary alterations within two weeks of the garments being delivered. Complimentary alterations offered on made-to-measure garments are coat waist circumference, sleeve length, pant length, and pant waist, seat and crotch sizing. Other requested alterations will be charged a la carte.

We offer free alterations on all bespoke garments for three months from the time you take them home. For more information, please contact us.

We do not perform alterations on outside garments or older orders, but we can absolutely make a recommendation for a New York tailor who can get the job done right. See our friends below:


220 Ave. of the Americas

New York, NY 10014

(212) 989-3673


202 Livingston Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 625-1438


42 Clinton St

New York, NY 10002

(212) 253-2031

See below for our standard alterations price list.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Please note that some garments like jeans and leather pieces may not be alterable.

Suit Jacket, Sport Coats & Outerwear

Sleeves: Shorten/Lengthen (per sleeve) $30
Sleeves: In/Out $80
Stomach: In/Out $75
Hips: In/Out $100
Back Blades: In/Out $100
Chest/Stomach/Hips: In/Out $175
Front Chest: In/Out $125
Center Back: In/Out $50
Collar: Raise/Lower $75
Square Front Panels $150
Shorten Length $125
Replace Shoulder Pads $75
Reduce Rope $75
Rotate Sleeves (per sleeve) $75
Recut Sleeves (per side) $100
Close Vents $50
Add Pick Stitching $100
Reline Jacket (including sleeves) $400
Reline Jacket (excluding sleeves) $300
Reline Sleeves Only $200
Add Label $25
Change Buttons $40
Prep Sleeve Placket $20
Machine Buttonholes ($75 + 2b/h) $2
Handmade Buttonholes ($150 + 15/bh) $15

Trousers, Slacks

Plain Hem $40
Cuff $40
Waist: In/Out $75
Seat & Crotch: In/Out $75
Thigh: In/Out $75
Hips: In/Out $100
Lower Waistband $100
Leg: Taper/Let Out $50
Replace Zipper $75
Attach Hook and Eye/Clasp $50
Change from Loops to Side Adjusters $100


Shorten Sleeves $50
Darts $20
Taper Sides / Sleeves $80
Shorten Hems $50
Change Buttons $25


Sides In/Out $75
Center Back In/Out $50
Shorten Length $50
Reline Vest $200