About Mab

Michael Andrews Bespoke is New York’s premier custom tailor. For over a decade, Michael and his team have crafted some of the world’s finest garments for clients who demand nothing less than the best. The company’s master artisans construct each garment by hand to the client’s exact specifications, delivering suits of remarkable character and peerless quality. This commitment to excellence has inspired loyalty in the company’s diverse clientele that includes Wall Street luminaries, Fortune 500 CEOs, world-class athletes, and award winning actors and musicians.

Our Studio

Journey down a private alley off storied Great Jones Street to find our studio where New York’s legends relax, have a drink and discover menswear and womenswear that is the ultimate expression of individual style. Carefully designed to enrich your bespoke experience, the stunning space boasts dramatic 20-foot ceilings, marble-topped tables and an ornate 12-foot oak bar. For wedding parties and clients requiring a heightened level of privacy, private appointments can be accommodated upon request in Michael’s personal study overlooking the studio.

Our Workshop

True artistry is at the heart of every garment we make. Each piece is fully executed in our own bespoke workshop by a single master tailor. This commitment to craft is virtually unheard of in today’s world of mass manufacturing, but the difference it makes is undeniable. Employing only the highest level of traditional bench-made craftsmanship, we’re proud to buck the trend toward assembly-line production. This commitment to heritage puts us in a league of our own among American custom clothiers.