The Rabbits And The Elephants Plaster/Jade
The Rabbits And The Elephants Plaster/Jade

A drought befalls the land, and the elephant-king sends his companion to seek water for the herd. Upon discovering a crystal clear lake, the envoy believes he has found paradise, however, he soon hears the objections of the thousands of tiny rabbits around his feet. The rabbit-king cunningly explains that the lake belongs to the moon and must not be touched. Upon entering the water, and seeing the rippling reflection of the full moon, the elephant interprets the moon's anger and retreats to his herd.

This truly original pocket square is created by Sabina Savage. Each piece is printed and hand finished by artisans in Como, Italy. The detailed illustrations are carefully engineered around to create unique pocket squares with a signature aesthetic.

Hand rolled edging
Dry clean only

  • Size

    16" x 16" (40cm)
  • Material

    100% Silk