The Birds of Innocence Eggshell/Calico
The Birds of Innocence Eggshell/Calico

Those whose fond wishes and thoughts do aspire
For feathered creatures to thrive! Such a simple desire.
If you are wise, you’ll see there’s much more to gain,
Use well your time, live not an hour in vain.
The ibis the hornbill, the dove, the macaw,
Rush to save Earth’s beautiful birds, I implore.

This truly original pocket square is created by Sabina Savage. Each piece is printed and hand finished by artisans in Como, Italy. The detailed illustrations are carefully engineered around to create unique pocket squares with a signature aesthetic.

Hand rolled edging
Dry clean only

  • Size

    16" x 16" (40cm)
  • Material

    100% Silk