English Pewter Company x He Spoke Style 2 oz. Flask
English Pewter Company x He Spoke Style 2 oz. Flask

We conceived of our signature flask to be able to hold and transport "the perfect pour" - two ounces of your very best stuff. And as such, we wanted it made with the very best stuff, which is why we tapped English Pewter Company as our partner. English Pewter Company have a world-leading reputation for the manufacture of beautiful pewter goods, and when you look at our flask, you can see why.

Simple, classic and elegant. This is the flask you bring with you in your briefcase on a daylong business trip to the city. Take it out as you recline in your train seat during your commute home and reward yourself after a hard day's work. And because it holds just two ounces, it's TSA-friendly and can be easily be brought onto a plane.

The flask in engraved with the HSS monogram and comes boxed with a funnel and velvet pouch.

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Please note - These flasks are entirely handcrafted and tooled. Subtle variations in engraving may be present.