I am excited to announce that as of December 2018 Kozinn+Sons Merchant Tailors combined with Michael Andrews Bespoke (MAB). Even though we were 105 years old, a great company must reinvent itself every few years. After two decades on West 32nd Street, our landlord chose not to renew our lease, and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to start over. (continued below)

Bringing 105 years of tailoring experience
to the team at Michael Andrews Bespoke.

When I was first introduced to Michael Andrews Bespoke, I was pleasantly surprised to find an operation that combined quality, reasonable pricing, a fun shopping experience and excellent customer service. The logical explanation for this was that MAB is run by innovative people who come from outside the garment industry. To put it simply, it was an operation I would have been proud to have built. Therefore, it made perfect sense to join forces.

The Kozinn + Sons heritage dovetailed perfectly with Michael’s innovative approach.  The combination reinforces our role as the “keepers of the flame” for handmade custom clothing. I have all the Kozinn+Sons client patterns and purchasing history at MAB, and I am looking forward to being of serve to you!

As a client of the combined company, you will enjoy:

1. TEAM: Service by a talented group of men and women who are enthusiastic about creating traditional handmade clothing. Meet the team.

2. HAND CRAFTED: Your bespoke clothing will have even more handwork – hand buttonholes, hand rolled lapels, and hand sewn collars at no extra charge.

3. THE BASTED: A muslin first fitting that is better than putting the knife to the cloth before your pattern is perfected.

4. TAILORS: Workrooms under the sole control of your tailor with the critical functions of design, pattern-making and alterations performed on the premises in Great Jones Alley.

5. CONSTRUCTION: Greater options for coat construction—fully-lined, half-lined and completely unlined coats, lighter and heavier canvasing options, thinner and thicker shoulder pads as desired.

6. WOMEN’S: A new women’s collection that offers the same level of quality, variety and fit as men have always enjoyed.

7. THE HOURS: Hours that don’t interfere with your work schedule including evenings and weekends. See below for more details.

8. SHIRTS: A choice of custom shirts made in the original Kozinn + Sons workroom in Newark or in the Michael Andrews workroom Shenzhen.

9. NEW OFFERS: New bespoke items like jeans, suede jackets and rain coats and soon to launch made-to-measure options at a considerably lower entry price.

10. YOURS TRULY IS… able to focus all my experience solely on your satisfaction, freed from administrative duties.

Andy Kozinn


Including suits, sport coats, trousers, and formalwear.


Pant suits, skirts, blazers, shirts, and more.


Jeans, trucker jackets, polos, shorts, and swimwear


Proudly designing and making clothing for the big day