The essence of bespoke consists of four key elements: the cloth from which the garment is made, the way in which the garment is crafted, the pattern from which it is cut, and above all else, the client for whom it is commissioned.

Michael Andrews Four C's of Bespoke Cloth


Bespoke garments start with exceptional cloth, woven from the finest yarns and sourced from the finest mills. Merino wool, cashmere and silk are the pillars of fine suiting, while treasured fibers such as alpaca, qiviut and vicuna are reserved for those seeking the rarest of the rare. Extra-long staple cotton, the domain of celebrated Egyptian, Pima and Sea Island producers, is the standard for shirting.


Artistry is at the very heart of bespoke. Garments are bench-made by a single master tailor, meeting the most exacting standards. No corner is cut. No detail overlooked. Jackets are hand sewn and fully canvased in the finest bespoke tradition. The tailor’s countless hours of devotion and commitment to craft bring this art to life.

Michael Andrews Four C's of Bespoke Craft
Michael Andrews Four C's of Bespoke Cut


Each piece is cut by hand from a unique pattern created just for you. As the garment is constructed to your precise measurements, you’ll experience a fit dramatically more natural than anything you’ve ever worn.


Bespoke is ultimately about you. Your measurements. Your pattern. Your style. It reflects your uncompromising nature and desire to pursue something extraordinary.

Michael Andrews Four C's of Bespoke Client