Our new spring/summer fabrics have just arrived. With so many great options to choose from, we wanted to make it easy for you to get into the spring of things by highlighting some of our favorites. Check out our selections and suggested pairings below.

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Loro Piana

On the windblown desserts of Mongolia lives the Capra Hircus, or Cashmere Goat, a small but hardy animal known for producing a genuine treasure of nature. Once every spring, when the climate is milder and the animals naturally shed their coats, the goat herders harvest the cashmere. Loro Piana does the rest.

For this series, they’ve combined light and superlatively soft cashmere with mulberry silk to produce cloth with a brilliant shine, soft texture, and unique slubbiness for a relaxed, casual look. The styling in this collection has a heavy emphasis on neutral earth tones, emphasizing the understated elegance for which Loro Piana is well renowned. This collection is the ultimate of luxury summer jacketing.

Scabal St. Tropez
Scabal St. Tropez

Summer doesn’t get any more glamorous than St Tropez and Scabal’s new collection is the epitome of that feeling. Linen, silk, cotton and fine wools have been mixed in different combinations to create variety and interest throughout the range.

Designed for those who want to stand out, colors and patterns are bright and fancy. Choices range from an unusual striped seersucker to a selection of vibrant large check designs. This is a collection full of textures, the ground colors give a 3D feel and the highlight colors pop, with the silk adding a luxurious shine. Perfect for dressing up a tranquil evening on the French Riviera.

Michael Andrews 2020

Dormeuil brings its rich history and technological innovation to this new summer bunch. Super 130’s wool is blended with superfine silk to bring out the variance of natural dyes, expressing depth in conservative color combinations. The deep chromatic palette is the result of a Dormeuil’s proprietary dyeing technique. Overall, the Calypso collection is an ideal combination of lightness and elegance, and a superlative choice for summer jackets.

Pool with Two Figures, David Hockney. 1972
Pool with Two Figures, David Hockney. 1972

Carlo Barbera’s amazing fabrics are one of the newest additions to the MAB offering. The Spring Jacketing book is a particular standout, with vibrant color combinations in blends of wool, silk, and linen. This is what you need for your next weekend getaway. By combining the finest raw materials with painstaking craftsmanship, Carlo Barbera has earned its reputation for providing “the best of the best, plus one” – exactly what you’d expect from the family that also owns Kiton.


Bouclana from Holland & Sherry offers innovative worsted wools for the fashionable gentleman. This new suiting bunch features classic patterns with a contemporary twist – a colorful bouclé yarn woven through for an extra pop of color and texture. The collection offers a full range of colors and patterns, all with the recognizable raised bouclé texture. Shown here are three standouts: an exceptional mottled blue solid, a striking royal blue pinstripe and a subtle charcoal Glencheck with a pale blue overcheck.


To mark their 100th anniversary, Ariston brings a taste of Naples to their new collection. Give your wardrobe a sense of la dolce vita with these deep and vibrant colors in an unmatched range of designs including bold checks, rich solids and playful boating stripes.