The Temple of Pegasus Alabaster/ Milk
The Temple of Pegasus Alabaster/ Milk

The goddess, grey-eyed Athene constructs a glorious temple on Mount Helicon to honour lion-hearted Pegasus. He lays down the golden bridle bestowed upon him, and thus relinquishes his duty. The temple is richly decorated with exquisitely painted amphora recounting Pegasus’ victory over the monstrous Chimera, but the ox-eyed lady Hera illustrates the duality of the gods by filling the vases with deadly blooms, hemlock and aconite; a sign to respect the sacred monument. And so, Pegasus, son of Poseidon, strikes his hoof to the parched earth and a spring of clear water gushes forth, filling the empty vessels.

This truly original pocket square is created by Sabina Savage. Each piece is printed and hand finished by artisans in Como, Italy. The detailed illustrations are carefully engineered around to create unique pocket squares with a signature aesthetic.

Hand rolled edging
Dry clean only

  • Size

    16" x 16" (41cm)
  • Material

    100% Silk