The History of Kozinn+Sons Tailors


In 2018, Michael Andrews Bespoke had the privilege of combining with the oldest suit-maker in New York – Kozinn+Sons Merchant Tailors. The rich heritage of Kozinn + Sons dovetailed perfectly with that of Michael Andrews, reinforcing the company’s role as “keeper of the flame” for truly handmade bespoke clothing.


Kozinn+Sons was founded in 1913 by Samuel Kozinn, a Jewish immigrant from Poland whose mother tongue was Yiddish. The company was originally named the Independent Trouser Company, Inc. and manufactured men’s pants in the now-fashionable Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

Samuel’s son, Murray, joined the company in 1929. Production was expanded to include complete suits and the operation was moved to Manhattan. The name of the company was changed to the Dependable Clothing Company.

During World War II, Dependable Clothing manufactured army officers uniforms. After the war, the company became one of the foremost proponents of the “Ivy League look,” which replaced the broad-shouldered silhouette of the 1940’s with a more natural-shouldered, cultivated design.

In 1951, the name of the business was again changed to Saint Laurie Ltd, which seemed more appropriate for the upscale nature of the product which was being made. During this period Saint Laurie was wholesaling its garments to fine men’s specialty stores throughout the country.

The cultural revolution of late 1960’s had a dramatic impact on the men’s clothing industry and Saint Laurie. The smaller specialty stores began to disappear due to a combination of fashion turmoil (the Nehru and leisure suits, for example), owner fatigue, and store consolidation. The family saw a future in direct sales to consumers right from their New York City workrooms. Andrew Kozinn, Murray’s son, joined the business in 1976 after graduating from Northwestern University and Brooklyn Law School. Under his leadership, the family business expanded its custom department, introduced custom shirts, and started a division devoted to theatrical tailoring.

As brands were becoming more global, there was growing confusion between the names “Saint Laurie” and “Saint Laurent,” the French fashion house. To resolve this confusion, the companies negotiated a mutually beneficial resolution that resulted in Saint Laurie changing its name in 2017 to Kozinn+Sons Merchant Tailors. Adopting the name Kozinn+Sons reaffirmed the bedrock of the business – the Kozinn family’s personal commitment to its clients.

In December 2018, Kozinn+Sons Merchant Tailors combined operations with Michael Andrews Bespoke. The combination allows Kozinn+Sons’ 105 years of tailoring heritage to live on. Michael Andrews Bespoke is proud to welcome Andy Kozinn and his vast industry knowledge to the MAB family.