Abbeyhorn x He Spoke Style 4" Travel Shoe Horn
Abbeyhorn x He Spoke Style 4" Travel Shoe Horn

If you wear a lot of leather shoes (which if you're an HSS reader, we'll wager you do), chances are you use a shoe horn every day. And it's probably also the first thing you forget when packing your suitcase. Our travel shoe horn is something that will never be forgotten.

Crafted for us by Abbeyhorn of Carnforth, England, our shoe horns are as handsome as they are useful. Made with polished natural horn and engraved with the He Spoke Style monogram, the unique marbling ensures that each piece is strikingly unique. Compact and lightweight, they fit easily into a suitcase, dopp kit or briefcase and are the perfect travel companion or gift idea for the well-dressed gentleman. We recommend the four-inch size for overnight trips and stashing in your office desk drawer.

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Please note - All Abbeyhorn products are handmade from natural materials, leading to each product having a unique color and pattern. Should you prefer a sp