Wine Director, The Nomad Hotel | Client since 2014

As Wine Director at Michelin-starred restaurant, The NoMad, Thomas Pastuszak makes expert recommendations that pair perfectly with the chef’s cuisine. When it comes to personal style, his palate is equally as refined. Working with MAB’s stylists, he artfully blends subtle pattern with bold color for a look that is at once complex and elegant.

Ben Eberdt

Musician, SAVOY | Client since 2014

DJ/Guitarist Ben Eberdt knows a thing or two about lighting up a room – literally. As part of the electronic rock trio Savoy, renowned for its signature laser show, Eberdt thrills packed houses nationwide with his radical sound and unforgettable style. Much like his music, Ben’s sartorial choices harmonize timeless sophistication with modern flair.


Founder & President, Berglass + Associates | Clients since 2011

Father and son team, Leslie and Mathew Berglass, stand at the pinnacle of executive recruiting. Having placed top execs at some of the world’s most prestigious brands, they are experts at finding the right fit. This is true both in landing talent and in the clothes they wear. That’s why they’ve tapped Michael Andrews to style their wardrobes.

Joshua Abram

Co-founder, Neuehouse | Client since 2014

Redefining where – and indirectly, the way – we work is no small task, but that’s exactly what Joshua Abram has done with NeueHouse. It’s the workplace rethought – a series of experiences, spaces, and amenities tailored to extraordinary entrepreneurs. Interacting with innovators across industries such as film, fashion and the arts, Joshua favors a wardrobe that is casually relaxed… but serious enough to get things done.

Craig Bridger

National Brand Ambassador, The Macallan | Client since 2012

As envoy for one of the world’s most prized spirits, taste matters. Elegant, distinct, refined – words that describe the essence of an exceptional whiskey, as well as Mr. Bridger’s own personal style. That’s why he looks to Michael Andrews to craft a wardrobe as tasteful as a dram of his finest single malt.