Our made-to-order process enables individuals around the world to order handmade garments in their unique size without the need to visit our New York studio. We carefully analyzed measurements from over 10,000 bespoke clients and developed algorithms to identify the size most likely to fit you.


If you are an existing Michael Andrews Bespoke client, we have your pattern on file so your order will be made in your bespoke size. It couldn’t get any easier.

For those new to Michael Andrews, you will simply need to fill out your Fit Profile after creating your online account. The Fit Profile consists of a few simple questions about your body shape and your off-the-rack garment sizes. Our pattern makers will use this information to draft a preliminary pattern we believe most likely matches your size. This pattern is then used to make a test garment just for you.

For new clients only:


Once you have created your fit profile, we encourage you to shop our latest collection of menswear and accessories. Each piece in the collection is infused with our bespoke DNA and exemplifies a timelessness yet modern aesthetic.


Approximately 3-weeks after your order is placed, you’ll receive your trial garment. Please try it on and provide us as much feedback as possible, including pictures of you wearing the garment. Based on your feedback, we will assess any changes needed to your pattern. If the test garment fits well, we will proceed to making your actual garments. In the event the trial garment is far from the mark, we will happily make a new one based on your feedback. Once your final pattern is confirmed, it will be saved on file to make future ordering a breeze.


Your completed order should arrive approximately four weeks after you confirm the fit of your trial garment. If your finished garments need any additional adjustments, you can return them to us anytime within six months for free alterations, or you can take them to your own local tailor and we’ll credit you for the reasonable cost of the alterations. We hope you enjoy the feeling of a suit that is made exclusively for you.