Bastet's Bounty Onyx/Gold
Bastet's Bounty Onyx/Gold

Regal in her posture, the young feline is positioned atop a carved pedestal. As the townsfolk notice her, they appear to melt in her piercing green gaze. She is Bastet, kind protector, fearsome huntress. They bring gifts of jewelry, riches and fruit, mummified fish and golden amulets. She will defend women and children, she will ward off evil spirits.

This truly original pocket square is created by Sabina Savage. Each piece is printed and hand finished by artisans in Como, Italy. The detailed illustrations are carefully engineered around to create unique pocket squares with a signature aesthetic.

Hand rolled edging
Dry clean only

  • Size

    16" x 16" (40cm)
  • Material

    100% Silk